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Somewhere over the Rainbow in London UK



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Anne-Kapries Photography

to whom it may concern

I am flying away at the end of August-31., unless I see or hear from you, cause than I stay in London with Joy. I would love to see you as you know, but I have no clue weather you can. And I am feeling bad to make a decition like this, cause you may think i prefere to go oon holiday. And I am afraid, that when you are here and I am not around or we won’t meet you ll think I don’t want love you and this time it ll be the last chance and you ll lose your hope forever. I am losing hope every time. I felt super connected before, but after I am back in UK (from vaccation) not that much anymore. (Basicially from the day I posted your name in the sand. But no one ll know who it’s meant to, if you should be worried about that. How ll they if it took me such a long time to find out, and even though i have days when I don’t know. Cause I’ve to read between lines, can’t see you, havn’t seen you for a very long time, can’t talk to you…it’s all suggestions.I believe but next day the mind says no.(u know what i mean) …I would chose to see you if I could.


P.S. Corona sucks