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Somewhere over the Rainbow in London UK



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Entertainment Queen

On this epic and historic day. Historic because on this day a year ago according to Insta I woke up in San Diego and took the train to Oceanside. I flew on the 18th but went straight to bed after landing.

And also on this day just two years ago (2018) Insta said that the Sun jumped on my side of the planet…so basicially we are switching sides at this time of the year. It could be turned into a tradition if Corona wasn’t flying in between….

American planes are at  Lonons sky again, I just wonder why. Maybe the travel ban is just for UK citizens, so they don’t bring in the virus to the US but it’s alright for Americans to spread it here. Well that’s OK with me!  I don’t worry the 14 day quarantine you need to enter when landing in the UK. I heard you can give them two adresses where u ll stay  and a number they can call, maybe track you? Idk….You can just leave the second phone home in that case… And on june 29. they  ll disguss to remove this rule… Just saying


If you ever should find the time and  make it inside the British border again, please let me know!!! I don’t want to wander blindly thru the city, not seeing you. I don’t wanna know how often that happened in the past years.  I try to fly home  to Germany this summer, don’t know when yet. But one thing for sure I don’t want to be out of this country while you are here. And one thing you are not allowed to is: Once you are here don’t ever again fly home without letting us see us!!! Not anymore, not in 2020. Please  let me know that you are here and when nothing works, we just find a place and time to meet before you need to go back again. Please!!!

Back to the entertainment section: A year ago  when I was in California, Queen had a concert in LA and I was soooo close to go. It stucked in my head for a week. Thought it was the last change to see them. Well I didn’t go. Luckily they annonced a European tour for 2020 months later. I bought tickets as a Christmas gift for my mom. She listened to them when I was in her belly (probably the reason why I like the sound) But because she was stucked behind the Berlin wall she was never able to see them. It’s never to late. At least I thought. Since they are in the corona risk group, I hope they survive…

Tomorrow should have been the day where my mom and me would see them in London…but because we are not able…they are bringing the show on youtube for just 24h. The live stream ll start:

Sunday 21. June 12pm PDT and 8pm BST

My mom and me are going to the concert on Sunday watching from our couch.

The good thing of the cancelation is that they ll bring the show one year later on exact the same dates. Means I can give the tickets to my mom this Christmas again. She might just think it’s a deja vu and I don’t need to find something new.

Happy 19th of June from the other side of the rainbow