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Somewhere over the Rainbow in London UK



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Anne-Kapries Photography

From Norway 22.Aug. to Dk 22./23Aug.


A beautiful morning. I woke up early that Sunday and decided to go outside the house. I wanted to be sure not to disturb my brothers who was still asleep!… (I learned early in my childhood that it is better not to play loud on Sunday mornings, when you have a 9 year older brother who has been out all night. …grrr…) Nevermind. I went for a stroll in the so called garden. Everything was quiet and peaceful. When I came back to the porch I discovered that I wasn’t alone. Two eyes stared at me.

The neighbors’ cat (a Norwegian Forest Cat). She didn’t move at all to avoid that I would see her.  I tried to draw her to me, show her that I’m a cat-friend, so we could spend some time until my brother would wake up. I tried to catch her with my phone which wasn’t very easy she moved all the time and had to smell my phone when I stretched it out to take a picture.

got it she looks like my old cat blacky just with a beard.

we chilled and enjoyed the view and the Sun after all the rain that went down.

why do they call it catwalk?

back in DK- Hirtshals

good night moon

…good morning danish cat

I went for an early morning walk to enjoy the sunset. The light is always brilliant in NorthernDK. Das wussten schon die alten Maler und Dichter

That was the tour. I always get homesick the first day when I’m on holiday and when I’m home again I long to see the world again. …I’m longing…I’m longing