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Anne-Kapries Photography

Ghoststories 2

Video editing is like traveling with lightspeed. You are diving into space, doing alot of things out there, like spending two days on a new transition to get it right…and when you land back on earth…all you have accomplished is a tiny second of the whole video, nothing changed even though you have expierienced a lot.

You forget all around you and time flies faster…which is a great state..same feeling when I played soccer.


I filmed the scences weeks ago with my Canon 5dm2. I only took photos with it so far.  I filmed in Raw. The material looks really flat on movie mode, I guess my camera is too old for filming ;)

I wanted some parts to be in slow motion, so I filmed it in different framerates. My plan was to turn 30fps into 24fps, but after I edit all files I recognized the output file was set to 30fps…and you can’t change that later.

So it turned out very choppy. (also my last video as I filmed everything at the same time (also my future video ;) ) The quality looks so odd. I am sorry to hurt your eyes andmine as well. We all want more, but life is not a candy shop. I think I need to buy me a smaller camera for filming or try with one of those fancy  phones…heard it looks more pro than a canon 5d  .

at least I learned a lot

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