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Somewhere over the Rainbow in London UK



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Anne-Kapries Photography

Oceanside – California…warming up the camera

Yesterday I was riding with the bike into the sunset with my camera. I didn’t reached the spot for the sunset, but enjoyed the view

Why is the sun soo big here at sunset? Are we closer to the sun in California? It is at least twice as big as in Europe.

Everything is bigger in America..even this I though tlittle place called Oceanside turns out to be way bigger than  I imagined. So the last two days I was riding the bike as much as in the whole last year in London. Which is good..feeling some muscles again that might have disappered. The London houses were not built to park a bycicle. Also I don’t feel that safe riding in London.

The cars don’t care at all about passengers. In Denmark and Germany, when taking a turn…the drivers need to look after passengers and let them pass…at least let them live. In London they just drive. Last week I was crossing the road…suddenly behind a slow bus a men on a scooter appeared while I was crossinhg the road. I did not see him….All I heard was a constant sound of a horn….instead of  breaking he just pushed the speeder and the horn button….

I don’t know if I would be still alive if I had listened to music that day.


In California they are way more passenger friendly. They even push me over the street (or invite me) when I am waiting to cross…..


Happy Holiday

Back in London I had a “vision” or how to call it about photo editing. I saw an  almost monochrome picture with just a subtle color tone coming through.

That ll suit sea pictures very well. Here is my first try, but I am not there yet :)