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Somewhere over the Rainbow in London UK



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Anne-Kapries Photography

Photowalk around Leadenhall Market – London

Here you see some pictures from last Saturday. My destination was the Leadenhall Market. I took some pictures of what came before between and after the Market….

this is the Markethall..I found a newspaper which I moved in the image to have some point of interest

Leadenhall ceiling

antview…keep your head up

wet floor even when it is raining ;)…i liked the reflection..and yes it was me who pushed the caution sign from the sidewalk onto the street …but anyway do they put them out every time it is raining??


this building is called 30 St Mary Axe :)

step inside…to the upsidedown


‘Oh my life is changing everyday   In every possible way  And oh my dreams  It’s never quite as it seem  Never quite as it seems  I know I felt like this before
But now I’m feeling it even more  Because it came from you  Then I open up and see  The person falling here is me  A different way to be    I want more, impossible to ignore  Impossible to ignore   And they’ll come true   Impossible not to do   Possible not to do   And now I tell you openly     You have my heart so don’t hurt me  You’re what I couldn’t find  A totally amazing mind  So understanding and so kind  You’re everything to me  Oh my life is changing everyday   In every possible way
And oh my dreams   It’s never quite as it seems  ‘Cause you’re a dream to me  Dream to me ‘
…words borrowed from the Cranberries  -Dreams  ( I heard them when I was a teenager and just refound this song. Back then I had no clue what they were talking about, but since I live in England now I understand the words all the musicians are singing ;)… I so love every single word of this song and the drums and the rest.
“A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is reality.”
– Yoko Ono / John Lennon
…impossible not to do!