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Somewhere over the Rainbow in London UK



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Anne-Kapries Photography

Some Art from London…edited

The first two pictures are from the Victoria & Albert Museum…I just rushed through a part of it. The second is the National Art Library in side of the Museum.

I love the colours. My Mom told me when I was younger I always wanted to have my own Library in my house. I guess liked old books as I like antiues rooms/furnitures/things that have a story to tell.


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The other pictures are from Hammersmith Underground station and then from the Royal Academy of Arts …all pieces from Antony Gormley. I did not knew him before. I love art but there is a lot of art that doesn’t tell me much. I am pretty fast to run through a gallery….people may think I don’t like Art at all when someone should observe me walking through it. But I do. I just scan it faster than others if you want. Thinking emotionaly, which is the fastest way of thinking. (like speed of light (not really) The second fastest way is to think in pictures. I read that most people think in letters. The thing is when you think in pictures or emotional (a gut feeling) you have to translate the emotion or pictures into words…which takes longer time…and how can you discribe a feeling or an intense picture into a few words to another person within seconds??? Someone said it’s like trying to tell a two year old child how a technical thing works…you can tell as much as you like, they won’t understand it.

I read this somewhere sometime ago.

The stuff I took pictures of is what I like though.

edited 5th October: I forgot to mention that; If thinking in emotion is like speed of light, than thinking in pictures would be like flying with an airplane and thinking in words would be as fast as driving in a ferrari. It just swirled through my head the whole week …that I forgot to mention this as I came from my path (of thinking) while writing. I never re read what I write. Nor do I check the spelling. I don’t like to read my thoughts. I am not in school anymore.

Back to the library. When I started my life in Denmark ( I was about 21 years old) the library from a school I worked at selled some old books, to make space for new very very cheap. That time I bougth some very old good looking leather books, just to have them later for my future library. When you are young you are super excited, motivated about random things. I also collected garden pictures from magazines ….just in case when the time would arrive to have my own garden ..so I am prepared and have some idears how I want it to look like. Very rediculous.

When I moved to London I had to give most of my books away, some are stored at my parents home in Germany. A very few I can call my own. What you see on the picture is my library in London. There is no space for anything in this town. Also I did not know that most appartments here come with furnitures. I wished I knew that before. I rented the largest vanĀ  on the market….to take as much as I could from my past life with me. At least I wanted to sleep in my own bed…my home. I also brought the heaviest wooden dining table as I did not want to throw it. Both things did not fit in the flat…So I had to give it away. There is no room for decoration or own style here….





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