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Somewhere over the Rainbow in London UK



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Anne-Kapries Photography

Some pictures from LV and DV.(Yo man ;))


I went to Las Vegas a few days ago. I never wanted to go to LV. I thought it is just a big city like Los Angeles. (we are in Los Angeles right now and I don’t like it so much so far. It is to big for me, cars cars cars…) But Las Vegas is like a big theme park. I saw so many crazy things (buildings shows special effects…) The hotel Circus Circus was my first choice. Free Circus acts in the hotel all the time (also if I havn’t had time to watch it) A roller-coaster with two loops rushed trough the hotel…. There are about six different Cirque Du Soleil ( the circus with the best circus performances of the world) in just one town. I can recommend the show “O”. It’s very very good
The Theatre in the Bellagio, where the “O” show takes place.

You should see the water-fountain in front of the Bellagio. It was one of the best things there.A therapy for the eyes, ears, skin…the human body…And it is for free! SPECTACULAR

Death Valley
My first coyote: I wandered trough the sand dunes to find a good place for the sunset. A man on top of a dune tried to catch my attention; “tsch… Hey, he whispered, …a coyote and I; “what?” he; “a coyote, fox…” And I thought omg what am I supposed to do now? Run? Are they dangerous? I still couldn’t see him. Then the man pointed at him and the coyote was lying on the sand 20m in front of me. I took a picture and find out that he was OK with that. I could even get really close.
He was very relaxed and was washing himself like a cat.

P.S. The coyote turned out to be a kit fox