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Somewhere over the Rainbow in London UK



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Status update

To you who it concerns, Just so you know and spend your time wise.

If Cornoa let me I will fly home to Germany Friday 10th of July for two weeks.

flying back 26. July ;)

My number one goal of the year….

wait my life is still seeing you! Yes, you know it’s true.

We can also meet at the airport. I always wanted to do that. Sitting accidentally next to you on the plane. But we ll need to wear facemasks and will only see each others eyes like in the old days. Anywhere is fine. What about Gunnerbury park? :) Yes I have many good ideas. My head is full, but I am not as good to bring them to life like you are.

The UK will ease the quarantine rule for many countrys, not sure if an air bridge is possible?? (that’s another good idea to make the impossible happen, but I forgor that you are the magician here)

If the world situation dosn’t get any better…and after a second wave comes the third….please write me instead…anywhere anyhow, but before the third wave.

I don’t know how this will end….but I know I don’t want to live in London very long anymore, cause it’s not my home.

take care and come soon cause life is better together