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Somewhere over the Rainbow in London UK



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Anne-Kapries Photography

Sunday excursion


Sunday night:
While european airtrafic was paralyzed due to volcano-dust from Iceland, I grabbed the chance to take some startrail photos without too many disturbances on the sky.
So I went to a lake in the woods in good time before sunset. I had enough time to take some pictures before the sun disapeared. The clouds and the golden light were sweet.
After sunset I had to wait for what seemed like hours, before it was dark enough to make the stars visible on the photos. Bats circling above my head, the cold temperature and the sound of owls made it quiet spooky.
In the end it turned out that the shoot I had in mind didn’t turn out as I wanted to.
But you don’t always get what you are looking for. I’m continuously surprised… I’m satisfied with my sunset pictures.