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Somewhere over the Rainbow in London UK



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Anne-Kapries Photography

this week


I like to walk by the sea and I’m always looking for some fancy rocks or other unique stuff from the ocean. I don’t really collect these things cause I’m afraid my flat will end up in a big mess. Only the precious items can come into my home … This week was a big catch ;). I found a piece of blue sea glass. I used to collect them when I was little but they got fairly rare. I think I havn’t found a piece of blue glass for maybe two years, so this was kind of a lucky. Yesterday I found this old rusty bike hub. I gave it to my friend and bicycle nerd Peter. He found out that it might have been buildt in 1940 in good old Germany. Who knows how long it was in the ocean.

The Swans Are All Right


today I bought my first cigarette pack ever … (…nothing against smokers ;) I have some  cigarettes left…somebody wants them?? )

and I visited a toy shop, it’s carnival right now (I hate it and every year I feel so lucky that I don’t live in the near of cologne …people are insane there around this season) ….they had a little carnival party in the shop…not only the kids were transformed into princess ,supermens…I had to pay my toys to  batman I think…

bis dann