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Somewhere over the Rainbow in London UK



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Anne-Kapries Photography

Capturing my first Milky Way – Graal-Müritz/ Germany

My friend and I wanted to capture the meteor shower that has been around the globe. (probably to make human beings dreams come true) The sky was pretty clouded when the shower passed by, so we took the next opportunity a few days later.It was a very clear Night, I think I have never recognized so many stars. there were still some shooting stars left I saw 5 at least, but just wished me one thing which I can not talk about now ;)


Some short startrails wandering around the north star. (or is it us who wanders.? not so sure)

I took this picture and opened the shutter for about 15min when I remember right. You can see the wonderful shooting star falling down to the earth on the left low… In real it was really big and it was like the earth stood still for a moment, like a fireball.




here it is again. I zoomed into the photo

The great Milky Way. I have to improve a bit or just take more photos to get a better one.

One more

Camera settings: high ISO (with my older 5Dmark2 I only got up to 1600 as the grain would be to much

wideangle: 16mm f 2,8… to let more light into the camera as it needs to be super dark if you want to capture the Milky.

Shutterspeed must be around 30, maybe 40 so that the stars (earth) don’t move…otherwise the stars wont be sharp and you get stripes which will make the Milky less visible.

This is what I came up to by watching and reading posts about how to capture the Milky Way