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Somewhere over the Rainbow in London UK



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Anne-Kapries Photography

Hard to come home after three awesome weeks in the sunshine paradise


We finally came home yesterday around 9 o’ clock in the morning. I have problems with finding a good position in a flight seat, so my chance to get a nap in a flight is very little. I just sit there watching one or two movies (yesterday it was “Life how we know it” and “Tropic Thunder” with Ben Stiller, Jack Black…), or I l listen to music with a heavy background sound of the plane. (I need these noise canceling headsets from BOSE which have an excellent sound.) and  i count the minutes to the touch down. Anyway when I came home I just wanted to give my body a short nap (I thought one hour would be enough). But when I came to life again the clock said it was 4pm….already??? I just missed a whole day and i have thousands of photos that need some fine tuning in photo-shop, on my mac (instead of a laptop (I don’t wanna name the brand here) but the colors are not so oomph on it)).
Here are some pics from a day that we went whale watching. (I didn’t manage to bring them online and if I don’t bring them now nobody will see them (included me) cause they are not so brilliant and they will drown on my hard-disk forever.
This is what I could capture from the whale watching tour with a 200mm lens. Not much but my first whale after all.

I wanted to light-paint the big statue but never got there, because the beautiful coast in La Jolla kept me busy.

The last morning in La Jolla, we awoke very early by the sound of hammering. We thought it might be from a construction site somewhere, but… What could it be?! Later when we sat on the terrace we discovered that our pizza box from the day before had been pecked at by a seagull.

what else: It’s good to eat fresh bread and rolls for breakfast again. And this from a porcelain plate and no plastic plate,knife, cop … And that the drinks don’t taste like chlorine. (I drunk a lot of chlorine there)
The weather is like it usually is in Denmark. Cold the sun is shining but it will be soon gray again…boring. I wanna go to the beach without a winterjacket. See giant waves splashing on the rocks, surf the waves, watch the see lions, have the opportunity to see some dolphins and have the sun around me almost every day. That could be wonderful.