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Somewhere over the Rainbow in London UK



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Anne-Kapries Photography

Life in a foreign Country



Life can be strange at times in a foreign country with a foreign language.
So Yesterday I wanted to go to a photography meetup group,e and take picture of the city of course..what else would you do in a photography meetup.
Basically I wanted to be with some likeminded people as I don’t have many to talk to here and I always joind sportclubs before


I found a group on facebook and joined them a onth ago. The name was something like LGBT+ London Photography walks.
Finally yesterday a photowalk was planned and about 60 people wanted to join it.
I just wanted to check the members who were going and on the meetup ap you can see their interests. Like photography, design …whatever.
Apparently I discovered that the most men wrote gay as their interest and they also joined gay meetup groups.My first thought was…OK the admin was gay and some of his friends joined him. I then checked some girls interests and yeah, they had lesbian on their interest list….


OK, what a coincidence I thought in a second…but at the same time thinking OMG..I better read the text about this photography group before I meet up.
As you can imagine now or maybe you knew right from the start that LG stands for Lesbian Gay….no clue what BT means.
No I have nothing against them but decided to stay home and spend the Sunday relaxing instead. I mean there is a reason to make a LGBT photography group…maybe they hope for more than just taking pictures.


Imagine me showing up not knowing anything..and somebody would afterwards come to me and ask..hey do you want to see my photo album home?? ;)


The pictures below are some I took a few weeks ago.
According to my webpage problem. My site (theme) does not support the newest php version..and the version I run now will expire December the 2. So everything ll turn black again that day.
I ll build a new one with a fresh design.