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Somewhere over the Rainbow in London UK



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Anne-Kapries Photography

Photo of my year 2020

Since I havn’t been really out with my camera this fantastic year of 2020 I can proudly say that I took my picture of the year last weekend. It’s this one above. I didn’t thought much or big about it, but after editing it I can say I truly love it. The sharpnes, colour and the lightning on the pavement <3 <3 <3

Last but not least. Entertainment of the week. Once more from Cirque Du Soleil. Circus at it’s best. The music goes so well with the acts. What would the one be without the other..?

They have been entertaining me since our ll first lockdown and bringing me smoothly into our next lockdown staring Thursday. I don’t feel that bad about the second one, (better act now than being sorry at Christmas time.) though it has been a hard and exhausting time for every one. I have been in the clouds…but I got my energy and light back.

Look For thre light :)