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Somewhere over the Rainbow in London UK



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Anne-Kapries Photography

The strong-willed ladybug


Something strange happened to me today while I was working .
I was on a scooter to deliver some mail. Everything was covered with snow outside. I came back to my scooter and unexpectedly I saw a  ladybug on pannier-bag. (Where did it came from? It is winter isn’t it?)
I took the bug carefully into my hand. It lay motionless there, dried out, obviously dead.
I don’t know why but I decided to put the bug into my pocket. :) (lucky charm?… no idea)
So I went around for about 5 hours with this bug in my pocket. It was a very wet winterday, raining and snowing, I got wet to my bones. First when I came home, I remembered my discovery from   that morning. I emptied my really wet trouserpocket to admire my little guest.
And suddenly the ladybug moved it’s feet and walked on my hand. Aahhh the bug came to life in my warm wet pocket.  He/she survived the cold temperature in the snowy wheather and the 100% risk of getting crushed or drowned in my pocket
I  put it into the moss of my christmas decoration…took some pictures of it. After the photosession the bug disappeared under the moss. I think the ladybug can stay over the winter.